Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alaska book complete

Yeah -- I've finally completed my Alaska Scrapbook! (well, except for my title page that is). We took a wonderful 2 week trip over this last Summer and it has been so much fun reliving all the good times. Used my SCAL again to create the title from varoius fonts I have on the computer - love the welding feature. Also, above the totem pole pic are some 'wingdings' already loaded onto the computer that I tweaked, again using SCAL. Absolutely love this program! I 'roughed' up the edges of as many of the papers as I could to add to the rustic feel of where we were. I'm always trying to put as much as I can on a page (probably too much sometimes) and am fond of creating 'hidden' journaling - notice my totem pole pic is a flap that lifts up to reveal a few more pics and journaling. Enjoy!

Mom is continuing to struggle throughout her cancer treatments -- so ironic and horrible that something that is supposed to be getting rid of all the bad 'stuff' also gets rid of a lot of the 'good' stuff you need! She continues on though. As of last Friday, she completed half of her 34 radiation treatments -- whoo hoo! Will receive another chemo 4 day dose beginning the Monday after Easter -- we're both dreading that for her.

Our last Sunday at our current churches will be on April 11 -- so very hard to leave those you've grown to love! We've always been warmly welcomed in our new church homes and believe this new experience will be no different. Lots to do between now and then.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Approaching Spring

Wow -- it's been a long time since I've posted. A lot has happened in the last few months. My mom was diagnosed with cancer on February 1 and since then, she has had multiple procedures, tests, and treatments in order to start fighting this disease. The doctors are hopeful that by the time radiation and chemo are completed, she'll be cancer free - we look so forward to that day. I'm staying with mom and getting her to and from appointments and doing what I can to help take care of her. We've also found out that as of April 15, we will be moving to Mineral Wells. It will be (and always has been) hard to leave churches and people we've become so fond of. However, we're looking forward to the location change as we will be so much nearer family and friends; generally only an hour away at the most as compared to 3-4 hours. Packing and moving will definitely be a challenge with our situation as it is now, but I'm confident that all will work out as it needs to. While at mom's, I've been doing some scrapbooking (looks like I just packed up my craft room and moved it here). Wanted to share some pages I made for Katie's album. Enjoying looking back through old photos and reliving great times. I received the SCAL software from my wonderful hubby for Christmas and have been having so much fun using it to embellish cards and scrapbook pages. The "Full Circle" title was used using special fonts I downloaded and 'tweaked' using my SCAL. Love this program. I wrote in the varoius activities Katie was involved in (church, athletics, and school).