Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen Indeed!

I serve a risen Saviour -- Halleujah, Amen!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

It's so hard to believe Easter is almost here! We're so hoping that Mom is up to traveling tomorrow so she and I can go to Ballinger for Easter. She has been so sick off-and-on because of cancer treatments and we're hoping for an 'on' next few days! We will miss being with Tripp for Easter egg hunting this year so I put together a little basket for him that Jason will give to him this weekend since we will be away. It's a basket complete with chocolate bunny cookie crisps, Thomas-the-Train (his favorite) short set, and Tonka's Chuck truck (from the "Cars") complete with a hand-cut Easter egg card I made with my SCAL and Cricut -- still loving this program. Smaller, intricut cuts are still a challenge to get to turn out just right -- paper tears in places -- but I'm still learning and hanging in there. I know it's not a typical Easter egg basket but I love to put in other treats as well. It will be so good to be home with Joe and be at church on such a very special Sunday -- to celebrate our risen Lord - Halleujah - Christ has risen indeed!