Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy / Sad news

We've come into the metroplex area for the wedding of our good friends' daughter on Saturday. Just yesterday, we received word that another good friend of ours had passed away. We've know Roger since jr high (me) and high school (Joe). He has had some serious health problems during the last year or so but was doing better and had even returned to work -- not sure what happened -- he lived alone and after not showing up for work for a few days, concerned family members went to check on him and found him already gone. So very sad -- so, we'll be celebrating the forming of a new family on Saturday and grieving the loss of a friend on Monday -- both occasions within our same family of friends and both services taking place within our home church. We celebrate a risen Lord so we know that through our faith we will all be sustained and comforted during this time. Appreciate your prayers as well. We'll miss you Roger.

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