Thursday, September 10, 2009

Phi Lamb Time!!

A quick blog from Chick school has started and that means it's time again for Phi Lamb (my Christian sorority). I spent a few days with my "Big Sis" Tammy making some crafts for our upcoming RUSH (recruiting new Lambies). I've really enjoyed the time I have gotten to spend with her. Here are a few of the crafts we made to give away. The candle was made by stamping on tissue paper ( I tye-dyed the tissue paper) and then melting it into the candle! I found the backpack designs somewhere and I don't remember where. Those were a little challenging to create, but by the time I made the third one I was getting the hang of it. (The first one ended up in the trash.) Anyway, school is keeping me very busy this semester, but it's one semester closer to graduating!! I must be going now, but hopefully in the near future I will have some more crafts to post!! Until then..God bless!!!

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  1. Aaaawwwwhhhh -- I love them all -- and you too! from Chick 1