Monday, November 8, 2010

Question of the Day on Kinderstamp-O

So the question of the day is: How do you store your ribbon? Well my DH made a really neat storage rack (if you could call it a rack) out of a flat piece of wood trim where he then attached 5 dowel rods standing up onto the wood base. It holds anywhere from 50-70 ribbon spools depending on their size. I really like how i can just pull it next to the project I'm working on, pull out the desired length and cut, then just tape it back up. It's about time for him to make me an additional one as I'm starting to collect more spools in drawers!


  1. Had the same idea. It's nice too see what it will look like. TFS.

    Jess B

  2. Handy husband! That is great! I hardly have any ribbon so I just store it in some of them plastic stackable containers. It works ok for now. TFS!!