Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Shadow Boxes and Fall is finally here!

So happy for the temps to be coming down the last few days. Trunk-or-Treat at Church a few days ago was a lot of fun -- lots of super heroes, princesses, and even some hippies (who I think saved their own clothes from the 60's to wear!), and wrestler Macho Man himself showed! Great burgers and dogs too.

Tripp is here spending the night with us tonight. He hasn't been here since my birthday over the Summer and it sure is good having a 4 year old running around the house playing with his toy soldiers and Wonder Pets!

Today's date is always a mixed blessing -- it is my precious Mother-in-law's birthday and the anniversary of my dad's death. He's been gone 27 years now. Seems like a long time ago and just a few years ago all at that same time. Dad, you are still so missed and loved by so many.

Joe & I will be working at Clark Garden's Bootanical Event on Halloween -- public is invited for the price of $ or can goods (of which our church will benefit as we are one of the local food banks). I'm going to help at the admission gate and Joe is going to man one of the game booths. Last year, they had over 1400 people go through!

Spent time today making Katie & Jason's baby shadow boxes. I placed their going-home-from-the-hospital outfits, a wooden letter for their first name that includes their birthdate and their hospital photo -- I ADORE how they turned out. Now gotta find the perfect place to hang them!

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