Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Backyard Demolition

Well, the backyard is “coming out” today! We are a parsonage family and sometime before we moved here, the backyard had been built up with lots of concrete, a faux bridge, and lots of scattered plantings. While the effects I’m sure, were pretty cool way back when, now it is just a big overgrown jungle that is very difficult to take care of, creates standing water and leaking into the basement, and has too many little hiding places for snakes (can’t stand the thought of our pups hangin’ out with unwelcome visitors!). The backhoe is going full blast and it’s neat to watch all the work going on from the ‘safety’ of my office window.

Before (2005) --- kind of hard to tell from this distance, but the concrete is molded up against many of the basement windows.

During (2009) ---

More later

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