Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The end of the school year always brings special celebrations and this year is no different. We are honoring 3 graduates within our circle of friends as well as within our church family. Several are getting married - my how time flies. I've put together a wedding card that I think actually turned our really pretty. Katie found a wedding card printed in a magazine that featured 2 love birds - I checked out my Cricut cartridges and found 2 love birds in a cage on the Joys of the Season holiday cartridge and used the word 'love' from the Opposites Attract cartridge -- Cricut cartridges are really interchangeable no matter the occasion -- a little embossing and ribbon complete the look. The 2 Chicks are soon to be opening a booth where we will sell the crafts that we enjoy putting together. We've put in a lot of time making items and have especially enjoyed the time together.

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  1. oh my, this came out tell you the truth, I always have problems thinking of a wedding it...7 a blessing though...hugs