Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hidden journaling & beaded embellishments

These pictures are from a 2007 vacation Joe & I took out west. These were taken at the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Such a beautiful place! In order to get more pictures onto the page, I added a hidden journaling box -- just lift up the ribbon attached to the card (see middle picture) and enter your journaling on another piece of paper, etc. If you store your scrapbooks in protective pages like I do, just very carefully cut a slit using an Exacto-knife around the sides and bottom of the plastic so that you can raise picture up to reveal journaling. I use this technique a lot. Also, I drew from the colors in the trees themselves to decorate with embellishments -- the colors are almost jewel-like so I took some multi-colored beads and sewed them onto the pages -- these beads and the other inked designs match well with the ancient Indian motif.

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