Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miss and love you Taz

Our precious schnauzer Taz died a few nights ago. I'm away with my mom & daughter and we received word from my husband. Taz was nearly 14 years old and for the past month or so, he was barely eating and just not his usual perky self -- Joe took him to the vet and got some meds but the vet felt like it was just a matter of time (a very short amount of time as it ended up). He was such a good and loving dog and we will all miss him so much. Our grandson Tripp (he's 27 months old) always asks about Taz and our little pomeranian Stitches (or as he says 'itchey'). How in the world do you explain this loss to a 2-year-old except to say that Taz was very sick and has gone to heaven. Our little Stitches is going to miss his buddy so much!

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